It is a professional indemnity insurance scheme specifically arranged for doctors, dentists and pharmacists.


Professional Indemnity provides coverage that protects healthcare practitioners against any claim for alleged or actual acts of negligence arising out of their professional services.

Furthermore, professional indemnity is now a prerequisite for doctors to renew their Annual practicing certificate (APC), according to the The Medical (Amendment) Act 2012 and the Medical Regulations 2017.

  • Unlimited retroactive cover
  • Run-off cover
  • Disciplinary proceedings / enquiries
  • Good Samaritan acts
  • Loss of documents
  • Automatic Reinstatement
  • Defamation
  • Public Relation expenses

Our scheme manager Dr Ponnusamy who is also a medico-legal consultant has two decades of experience in medical risk management. By virtue of his vast experience in handling over a thousand medico-legal claims, he is in a position to advise the policy holders & insurers in the nature of claims, their management and the process of handling claims.


The application process is easy and can be all done online. We will guide you through the process. Please contact us through whatsapp or email.

You need to renew your policy every year. We will notify you when the time for renewal comes.


If you are a policy holder, your due observance is that you must notify Us in writing as soon as possible if :

(a) there is any Claim against You for Malpractice or,
(b) You becoming aware of any circumstance that might reasonably be expected to give rise to any Claim against You for Malpractice. (e.g. You received a complaint lodged against you to the respective Council / you have been sued.)

Please contact us (MRCM) directly through email mrcm.agent@gmail.com or WhatsApp us at 018-369 3433. We will guide you through the process.

Our GEGM policy provides unlimited retroactive coverage. That means you are covered for all your services rendered in the past as long as you have an active policy with us and that you notify us regarding the claim incident on time.

Yes. GEGM has its own reputed panel lawyer firms.

Yes. Claims are paid to the limit of your sum assured. You may have multiple claims but the insurer will only pay up to the limit of your policy.