ANNOUNCEMENT: MRCM Professional Indemnity Insurance scheme taken over by Great Eastern General Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad (GEGM)

Dear Doctors/Dentists/Pharmacists,

We, at MRCM services, want to thank you for being professional indemnity policy holder with Zurich Insurance Malaysia. We wanted to also follow up with all of you on Zurich’s recent notification of cessation of the scheme resulting from their global HQ redirection. As communicated by Zurich, MRCM Services have arranged for the continuation of the same scheme underwritten by Great Eastern General (“GEG”), one of the oldest and largest insurers in Malaysia.

What does this change mean for you, as the policy holder?

As the policy holder, there will be no change to you. The scheme coverage, premiums, application / renewal process, agent and contact personnel remain the same before. In fact, we have added on benefits to the scheme including unlimited retroactive cover, automatic reinstatement and others.

What else does MRCM Services offer?

As the pioneer, MRCM Services designed the very first professional indemnity insurance for doctors and dentists in Malaysia in 1994, in collaboration with local insurers. Since then, we have continuously improved the scheme based on accumulated experience and learnings.

We have also taken this opportunity to improve our web portal and agency services. Our new online portal is more user friendly and enables you to log in, review and edit, renew and pay with ease. All of your personal information has been migrated from Zurich and is currently maintained by MRCM Services enabling our portal to offer pre-filled forms for ease of renewal. In addition, our team are always at hand to support you throughout the process of application or renewal. We are contactable by phone and have also improved responsiveness through our WhatsApp channel.

Our unique value proposition, however, is our expert advisory service. MRCM Services is spearheaded by Dr KM Ponnusamy (MBBS, LLB), a medical doctor and qualified lawyer with vast experience in medical underwriting and claims management. You can consult our expert on risk exposure, appropriate coverage, potential claim, claims management and any other related issue to ensure you get the right advice to make informed decisions. In the event of a claim, you can reach out for advice throughout the process, which has been of vital importance to many. 

As we continue to evolve, we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can further improve our products and services. Please contact 018-3867463 (MRCM) for more information. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving you better.

MRCM Services


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