MRCM is an agency that offers medical risk management services.
Being the first to offer Medical and Dental Indemnity Insurance Scheme for Doctors and Dentists in Malaysia in the collaboration with Local Insurers, MRCM has been continuously developing and enhancing the scheme based on accumulated experience and learnings.

The Professional Indemnity Insurance, which when we began in 1994, was only for the General Medical Practitioners being the FIRST ever in the country. Having successfully managed the scheme for a decade, we decided to extend the scheme to General Dental Practitioners and the Pharmacists in 2004. Again they were the FIRST in the country for these Professionals. After more than a decade, we are EXTENDING the scheme to all DENTAL Professionals, Generalist, as well as Specialists AND also to a range of Medical Specialists apart from the General Practitioners whom we have been catering for since 1994. Our track record on Our Products, Services, and Claims Management speaks for itself.



MRCM Services has a highly qualified consultant on board to provide valuable advice and expertise – Dr. KM Ponnusamy


MBBS (Belgaum) LLB (Hons)(London) CLP (Mal)


Dr. KM Ponnusamy
 has two decades of experience in medical risk management and is currently practicing as a medico-legal consultant. He has investigated and reviewed over 1,000 medico-legal claims as a specialty adjuster for insurance companies. He has represented the medical profession in the Preliminary Investigation Committee (PIC) hearings at the Malaysian Medical and Dental Councils apart from having been a member of the Medicine Advertising Board, the Poisons Board, the Drug Control Authority and a host of others associated with medical risk management. He continues to be a member of the National Patient Safety Council at the Ministry of Health, Member of the Ethics Committee of The Malaysia Medical Association and The Pharma Ethics Committee.

By virtue of his vast experience in handling over a thousand medico-legal claims, MRCM is in a position to advise the policy holders & insurers in the nature of claims, their management and the process of handling claims.


  • Took up legal studies (1987 and completed LLB in 1989). Attended a course in Medical Forensics and Jurisprudence at London Hospital in 1990. Completed CLP in 1991 conducted by the faculty of law University Malaya and then went on to chamber and was called to the Malaysian Bar in 1992.


Mission and Values

  • Been a medical claim investigator and adjuster from 1997- 2004 ;
  • Has handled about a thousand medico-legal claims pertaining to personal injuries & hospitalization. Also profession negligence claims and medical products & equipment liability claims.
  • Organized seminars with The Malaysian Insurance Institute on Personal Injuries, Hospitalization and other Medical Claims for the Insurance industry on three different sessions in 1994, 2006 and 2012


  • Has been an active member of the Malaysian Medical Association since 1977, Office bearer of MMA Wilayah Persekutuan, MMA Council member, Exco Member, National Treasurer and Hon. General Secretary.
  • Over these years, has represented MMA locally i.e. M.O.H., M.M.C, MOHR , M.O Consumer, LIAM , PIAM, National Poisons Board, Medicine License Board, Pharma Ethics committee & later the Board.
  • President, Medico Legal Society Malaysia and been in many more N.G.O’s

Our unique value proposition is our expert advisory service. You can consult our medico-legal consultant on risk exposure, appropriate coverage, potential claim, claims management and any other related issue to ensure you get the right advice to make informed decisions. In the event of a claim, you can reach out for advice throughout the process, which has been of vital importance to many.


MRCM professional indemnity insurance scheme is now underwritten by Great Eastern General (“GEG”), one of the oldest and largest insurer in Malaysia.

Great Eastern General Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad

GEGM always put customers first by treating them as partners, fostering trust and respect through their unwavering commitment and uncompromising quality of service. Its many years of established reputation and affiliation with the Great Eastern and OCBC Group builds legacy of integrity and professionalism, financial security and stability.