It is a professional indemnity insurance scheme specifically arranged for doctors, dentists and pharmacists.


  • Unlimited retroactive cover
  • Run-off cover
  • Emergency defense costs
  • Automatic reinstatement
  • Defamation
  • Aggravated damages
  • Public relation expenses
  • Loss of documents
  • Good Samaritan Acts
  • Disciplinary Proceedings/Enquiries

If you are a policy holder, your due observance is that you must notify Us in writing as soon as possible if :

(a) there is any Claim against You for Malpractice or,
(b) You becoming aware of any circumstance that might reasonably be expected to give rise to any Claim against You for Malpractice.

Yes, you are right. However as since 1st March 2021, Zurich has announced that they will not be underwriting Medical Malpractice Insurance any further because of the change of Zurich Global Insurance policy.

With regard to this, our new insurer Great Eastern General Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad (GEGM) has taken over the underwriting of this scheme since 1st March 2021.


It is a platform for you to apply and renew your professional indemnity insurance with the scheme of MRCM.

  • Apply and renew your professional indemnity
  • View your application status and details
  • Download your certificate of insurance
  • Read announcements from MRCM with regards to any change or news updates.
  • More..
  • Review your application form in the portal
  • Approve your application in the portal for you to proceed on payment
  • Resend your application in the portal for you to make corrections
  • Submit your proposal form and payment details from the portal to our insurer Great Eastern
  • Upload your Certificate of Insurance for you to access and download from the portal

a) You have to first register an account with a valid email by clicking ‘Sign Up’. You will receive an activation link in your email upon registration.
Once registered, you can sign in the online portal with the email ID and password you set.
b) To apply your professional indemnity, please click ‘New Policy’.

Once you sign in the online portal, please click ‘Renew Policy’, then click ‘View and renew this application’.

a) After your form is approved, to make payment, please sign in the online portal and click ‘Pay Now’.
b) You will be given 2 options, to submit payment proof or credit card details. There is no real-time payment gateway to GEGM yet.
MRCM will submit your payment details along with your proposal form to GEGM and they will manually process your payment and application.

After you submitted your payment details, please wait for at least 1-2 working days to process your application.
Once your certificate of insurance is issued, we will upload it to the portal for you to download at the same time you will receive it in the email as well.

Please contact us (MRCMs) at 018-3867463 (WhatsApp) or email to us at